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MI Contracts Cladding Services

The combination of MI Contracts expertise and the Altro Range of Hygienic Wall, Floor and Ceiling cladding provide a powerful combination delivering projects all over the U.K.

Altro interior surfaces bring together the worlds of strength and beauty,easy cleaning, hygiene and low maintenance. Things you thought were worlds apart now come together with Altro.

Altro’s PVCu wall cladding systems are durable, hygienic coverings for internal walls. Showers and kitchens in particular benefit from these watertight, seamless, wipe-clean surfaces. These are areas where, traditionally, people have opted for ceramic tiles – which were never designed to cope with all modern hygiene requirements. The Altro cladding systems give you a new option, and in many ways a superior one.

Altro’s PVCu wall claddings, ceilings and doorsets – hard working, good looking systems for all-round hygienic and impact protection. In areas where grouted systems can let you down on hygiene and waterproofing, or where you want a vibrant decorative wall solution, our PVCu cladding systems always deliver.

Beaumont Hospital Ireland
Virgin Active
Waterford regional hospital
Southend University Hospital
English Lakes
Colchester Hospital
Ilford Swimming Pool
Holiday Inn
Scottish Parliament
Sevenoaks School
St James Swiming Pool
St Johns Square
7 Good reasons to choose Mi Contracts & Altro Whiterock
• professional planning and installation
• lower installed costs
• better impact resistance
• hygienic, impervious jointing
• welded joint for even higher levels of hygiene
• better appearance retention
• improved cleanability
• 10 year warranty
A wide range of colours
Altro PVCu claddings come in a wide range of colours and are used as contemporary, decorative panels in all kinds of spaces from receptions to nightclubs.
Altro Chameleon Altro Whiterock Satins Altro Whiterock Illusions Altro Whiterock Stone
Altro Chameleon increases your design options with a fresh choice of solid colours all with a high gloss finish. From natural colours to bright, vibrant tones, the desired effect is yours to create. Altro Altro Whiterock Satins / Altro Whiterock is a grout-free, hygienic alternative to tiles. The Satins range enables an attractive, single-colour finish. It is complemented by coloured silicone sealants and extruded PVCu trims. Altro Whiterock Illusions is a patterned extruded sheet providing a cost-effective decorative panel. A range of matching trims is available. Altro Whiterock Stone combines hygiene with the look of natural stone.
Altro Whiterock Extruded PVCu
Proven systems, installed by experts

W103/W104 is a cost-effective sheet extruded from a high quality, food safe, PVCu polymer for operating temperatures up to 60°C. It is easy to clean, impact resistant and grout-free. It meets all current EU Directives on health and hygiene

Altro Whiterock Hygienic Ceilings

Altro Whiterock Hygienic Ceilings meet rigorous hygiene requirements in food preparation areas.
• Easy clean, non-porous and non-absorbent
• Impervious, chemical resistant
• Lightweight
• Twin wall construction reduces condensation
• Virtually maintenance free, can be hosed down in-situ
• Flush fitting lighting, access hatches, air grilles and sprinklers can be fitted
• Available in white, with excellent colour fastness
• Rapid, easy installation on suspended grid system or direct
fixed to suitable surfaces
• Fully compatible with AltroWhiterock wall cladding
• BS476 Class 1 and Class 0 Fire Rating (when installed on non-combustible substrates)

Backed by a 20 year warranty Altro PVCu claddings have proven their value time and time again in a wide range of environments. MI Contracts Professional Installation team will deliver a rapid, expert fitting that’s backed by our twenty year product warranty and meets all EU Directives on health and safety

Excellent life cycle costs

Along with its durable qualities, an Altro PVCu cladding system represents good value for money because it’s such a fast, flexible system to install. The system’s panels adhere straight on to existing block-work or tiles so no ‘wet trades’ are required. Installation by our expert network of installers also includes the flexibility to match substrate movement so no expansion joints are required.

Altro Quick Clad

With Altro Quickclad you can construct hygienic walls and partitions quickly, simply and cost effectively. It’s ideal for problem areas or listed buildings where poor substrates or services, prevent or restrict fixing a cladding direct to existing substrates.

Altro’s unique system means you can create wipe-clean walls or non-load bearing partitions without the need for substrate preparation. You just construct a simple metal stud framework and affix the panels.

Future access to services is made simple by creating access hatches or removable panels (free of adhesive) at the construction stage. Ideal for food preparation and laboratory applications where a wipe-clean, seamless.

• Can be used over damp or uneven substrate
• Hides cables, pipes and services
• Tailored panelling for full and easy access
• Superior finish for corners
• Ideal for most areas where hygiene is a concern
• A fast track solution

Altro Flexi Joint

Following extensive product development by Altro Walls Technical Team, Altro Walls are pleased to advise our customers of a new low profile, flexible and narrow PVC joint strip, that will further compliment and develop sales of the market leading Altro Whiterock hygienic cladding system.

The main features of the new Altro FlexiJoint profile are:

• Narrower and flatter joint profile
• Tighter finished joints.
• Improved installation method
• Increased hygiene levels – includes biocide
• Easy and quick to repair in the event of impact damage
• Fully flexible trim.
• Easy to cut
• Colour co-ordinated to all cladding ranges
• UV resistant
• Chemically resistant
• Aesthetically pleasing.

For further information about Flexi Joint please call us on 0161 864 1818